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We believe in providing initial, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated medical care for individuals, families, and the community.



25/07/2021- advice for the fortnight 25/7 til 5/8.

Covid Vaccines.

We now have a limited supply of the Pfizer vaccines (about 80 per week).

These will be used for aged care workers, other eligible people and our regular patients and local residents who qualify - (aged 40-59). We have limited supplies and capabilities, so be patient. Only ring if you are in one of these groups. We will scale up as we receive more doses. 

Astra Zenica is available for all adults. It is the only vaccine available if you are over 60 unless you have very specific medical problems. If you are over 60 just ring and book into the clinic. If you are under 60 then book an appointment to discuss the pros and cons of the AZ vaccination in your situation.

Please check on this government website before ringing, to confirm you are eligible for vaccination.

And here is a guide to the risks and benefits of the Astra Zenica vaccine. (from the department of health.)

Do not enter the surgery if you have any symptoms like cough/runny nose/sore throat/fever - we will instruct you on what to do over the phone.

***Anybody with Covid symptoms, no matter how mild, needs testing even if they have not been to a hotspot, because no-one knows where the next hotspot will be. Don't be that person who doesn't get tested and causes a lockdown. You must isolate if you have symptoms, regardless of cause, and not attend school, work, church etc. 


Remember that many people get Covid from their friends and family when they least expect it.****

Masks required again (sigh...)

Due to the worsening covid outbreak across NSW and Australia it is a public health recommendation that all staff and visitors to health facilities be wearing masks.

Please bring your own. Consider whether you can do your consultation by phone, but don't put off health care because of the outbreak - just make sure you follow the recommendations.

There is an active outbreak in NSW, with unexplaind community cases.  This means that every person that we pass in the street or sit next to in the waiting room really is potentially infected.  The delta variant that has emerged in India is more infectious than ever, and spreads via droplets over distances of greater than 1.5m. For this reason social distancing and infection control are as important as ever. 

Stay at home orders have been issued for Sydney and Central Coast.

If you are between 50 and 60 and you have had your first Astra Zenica shot then the present recommendation is to proceed with the second, as the risk of clotting is lower with the second. 

There are mass vaccination clinics being developed - there is some availability at the John Hunter, and at the Raymond Terrace Respiratory Clinic, and the Belmont hub. These clinics have both Pfizer and Astra Zenica. 


In Other News......


The annual influenza vaccination is also now available.

There is a three week gap needed between flu and covid vaccinatrions. You can get the influenza vaccine for free if you are over 65, or you are between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, or you are aboriginal or TS Islander, are pregnant, or you have a serious long term health condition like diabetes.



Our Practice Provides the Following services.


Blood Collection

Minor Surgical Procedures

Skin Cancer Checks and Biopsies

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Family Planning and Implants

Mens Health

Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes Management

Osteoporosis Management

Health Assessments for 45-49 yr old(pre diabetic checks) and over 75 annual health assessments

Ear Syringing



Child and Adult Immunisations

Asthma Management

Diabetes Management

Antenatal Health

Womens Health

Travel Vaccines




Hearing Services






Dr Shahul has a special interest accupuncture, skin and allergy testing and Ear Nose and Throat.

Dr Farhana Mujahid has a special interest in Women's health and antenatal care

Dr Plaskitt has a special interest in hypnotherapy and Mental Health.

Dr Zubair also has an interest in Mental Health and all skin procedures

Dr Deane has an interest in indigenous health, paediatrics, babies' and women's health, and mental health.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 8.30 to 5.30

Home visits - as arranged for disabled patients unable to attend the surgery.


After hours

Phone 1300 130 147

GP Access after hours service.



If you think you are suffering a life threatening condition, do not waste time calling us. Call 000 immediately.


Mental Health Hotline

1800 011 511

Will put you in touch with a mental health professional for advice.


Allied Health Services

Nurses - Every day,

Podiatry-Monday and Thursday

Pathology-Tuesday and Thursday

Physiotherapy- Tuesday and Friday

Audiology - Hearing - Wednesday

Psychology - Wednesday

Fees and costs.


This is not a Bulk Billing Practice.

Bulk billing is at the discretion of the doctors.

Standard consultation

$70.00   (Medicare rebate $38.20)

Pensioner fee

$65.00   (Medicare rebate $38.20)


any out of pocket expenses in relation to procedures will be discussed with the patient at the time of their consultation.


Home Visit Fees

$25 Pensioners

$100 Private


For more fee information click the link "fees and charges" above in the menu.