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Consultation is by appointment.  Urgent cases will be seen on the day and we will endeavor to provide urgent services for the benefit of the community. We will see patients without appointments based on urgency. 


Long Appointments:

Patients requiring third party medicals, review of a complex health problem, workcover consultations, counselling for emotional difficulties or a second opinion require a longer consultation. Please request this at the time of making your appointment and bring any relevant documentation with you.  If you are unsure whether to request a long appointment, please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

If more than one family member wishes to see the doctor at the same time, please make separate consecutive appointments to help us to help you and your family.

Home Visits

Available for patients within the immediate township who are unable to move from their homes.  Please speak to our staff or the doctor if you require a house call.


At times the doctor may need to refer you to another health care service, these services can include but are not limited to specialists, diagnostic and allied health services, the doctor will discuss this with you and advise of any patient health information that is disclosed in the referral document.       NO referrals are made without seeing the patient.


 Your privacy is important to us. Access to our medical records is protected and your health and personal information are considered confidential. We will not use your health information for research or disclose your information to a third party without your consent.  You may ask our receptionists for a full copy of our Privacy Policy as well as information on how to access your medical record.

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes may run late, this is because someone has needed unexpected urgent attention.

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Interpreter services are available at this clinic. Please advise reception when making an appointment if you require an interpreter.




Patients are required to have an appointment with the doctor to obtain prescriptions.  This is a legal requirement.




It usually takes a couple of days for results to come through.  It is standard practice for patients to make an appointment to discuss the results with the doctor.  If there are any urgent matters relating to results, the doctor will phone and discuss this.



Our practice offers a FREE reminder and recall service to all patients to promote a continuing quality of care.  Our computerized medical system enables us to place a reminder into your medical record, for follow-ups such as blood tests and Pap Smears. If you DO NOT wish to be part of this service, please notify the doctor.



Phone calls will usually not be taken by doctors during consultations unless urgent and necessary. Routine phone calls will be returned during the day if needed at a time convenient to the doctor. The doctors may not always be able to answer your query by phone and you may be asked to make an appointment to discuss your issue. 


Doctors will not correspond via email.



Transfer of records to another doctor


We will send a Health Summary to your new GP free of charge but if you want a copy of your complete file to be transferred, a fee will be charged.  Please discuss this with our reception staff.


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