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What we do not do.


There are some things we do not do.


  • Provide medical certificates if you are not sick - don't embarass yourself by asking.

  • Provide drugs of addiction such as opiates (endone, morphine, ms contin, oxycontin, valium etc) to you unless you are a regular patient of the practice and

    • There is an acute need (eg fractured bone).

    • You have a terminal illness and have entered the palliative stage of treatment.

    • You are under the care of a specialist pain clinic.

    • You are under the care of a specialist psychiatrist.

    • You are under the care of drug and alcohol services.

  • With the exception of immediate life threatening emergency, we will not treat you if you abuse our staff (particularly our admin staff), or are threatening in any way. We are not a government clinic and have no obligation to accept patients who behave like this. We will not hesitate to call the police to have you removed from the premises under these circumstances.


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