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We are not a bulk billing surgery, as years of government cutbacks have made pure bulk billing impossible if you want to maintain quality. However, under some circumstances we bulk bill to minimise costs.


You will be bulk billed if:

  • You have a condition that requires frequent visits - once a month or more.

  • You are having a follow up visit to get results or check progress.

  • You have a GP Management Plan and it is a 3 month review of a chronic condition.

  • You have a GP Mental Health plan and are being seen for review.

  • You are having a medicare funded health assessment.

Note that having a concession card does not mean you will be automatically bulk billed, although you will get a discounted rate.

However, if you have a chronic condition and are well organised, you should be able to get everything that is needed done at your regular 3 monthly chronic illness appointment and these are bulk billed.


The fees below are as at August 2023. They may change and there may be additional costs - make sure you ask about this at the time of booking. 



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