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When you are sick or injured.

Our team is ready to help you get through your problem.

Whether it is a minor problem or a major problem we will treat you to the best of our abilities and take account of your individual wishes and circumstances.

If you need more advanced care we will arrange hospital admission or specialist consultation either within the public or private hospital system, and help you navigate your way through the often confusing maze that confronts a patient with a serious illness for the first time.


You may be suprised at how much we can do for you in the surgery or at home - here is a list of some procedures and treatments that are available at our surgery.

Stitching cuts

Draining abscesses

Treating simple fractures and dislocations - eg dislocated finger

Insertion of drips for antibiotics - eg pneumonia.

Treatment of acutely painful conditions - eg kidney stones, gall stones.

Wound dressings

Injections into joints - eg for gout


Many a time we have seen patients who have spent hours waiting in over burdened public hospitals who we could have treated more quickly and conveniently at the surgery and at home.


If you are not sure where to go for treatment ring us and our nurse or doctor will discuss over the phone whether you are best off coming to us or heading to hospital.


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