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Making Appointments


To get blood tests.

There is no need to make an appointment to get blood tests done, but you will need a form that is filled in by a doctor. Our blood collector is available on Tuesday or Thursday from 8.30 am. 


A blood collector from douglass pathology attends to help us with blood tests.


Please note that you are under absolutely no obligation to get your test done here - it is up to you where you go for your test. Some patients find it most convenient to come here while others prefer to go across the road to laverty pathology, or to visit other collection centers depending on where they live and work.


For other tests.

Tests such as ECG for the heart and Spirometry for the lungs are done on site by the nurses. Generally the doctor will ask you to have this test done and it will either be done immediately if there is time, or it will be scheduled as a follow up appointment with a nurse. 


X rays, stress tests and other more specialised tests require referral to providers in Newcastle. 






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