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Making Appointments

To see a doctor.

You need to make an appointment to see our doctors. A standard appointment is up to 15 minutes long. This is usually enough time to sort out one or two problems - for example a sore throat and a mole that you are concerned about. Our reception staff may ask you some questions about why you need the appointment. This is to help us allocate enough time - all our staff are trained in confidentiality and will keep any information private.


What if it is an emergency?

If you are having an emergency - eg severe chest pain or symptoms of a stroke, then calling us will only waste precious time. Call 000 instead- and if the ambulance operators think it is safe for  you to attend us instead they will tell you that.  


What if it is urgent?

If you think your condition is not an emergency  but needs prompt attention, please make this clear to our receptionists. There are usually urgent spots available for problems that can't wait. These spots are limited, and we try to keep them for urgent medical conditions rather than for paperwork that has been left to the last minuteIn this case you will see the next available doctor, and he or she will deal with only the urgent condition, not other routine matters.

How to help us run on time.

If you have multiple problems to deal with, or long forms to fill in, then please book a long appointment. This will help prevent us running late, and may save you from having to come back again.

Getting test results and follow up appointments.

Most of the time we like to talk to you in person about your test results. This is because even normal results may be important to follow up, and to prevent mis-understandings about abnormal results. Visits for results and follow up are usually covered by medicare. Our reception staff will call if the doctor wants to see you about results.

Can I just get a script or a referral without seeing the doctor?

The short answer is no. It is a difficult question, bcause  we understand that it is frustrating to make an appointment for a simple thing. However each time we spend 5 minutes writing a script it is 5 minutes of time not available for appointments, and it quickly adds up. In addition, for most long term medications - like blood pressure, asthma or contraceptive medications- there are things we should do to check that the medication is working well.

The best solution is to be organised and get everything done at your appointment, so you do not have to ask us for extra scripts.





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